In the office of the Agitant of el regiment Tumbona de Playa

In the office of the Agitant of el regiment Tumbona de Playa

Postby wardlaw » Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:21 pm

“I ‘ave eet!” The dapper little Frenchman with the huge cravat bustled into the Major’s office closely followed by a half-dozen lackeys laden down with bolts of cloth, patterns and paper on which sketches had been drawn.

The Major briefly dropped his head into his hands before standing up to greet the cavalcade.

“Monsieur Gautier. Good morning. I take it you have finished the uniform for the Marqués’ regiment?”

“Indeed ai ‘ave. Jus’ dees morning bifore ma petit-déjeuner ai ‘ave ze in-spir-acion. So simple, so elegant. So à la mode. Ai know you will jus’ love eet.” The Frenchman beamed at him.

The Major did not return the smile. His colonel - Juan-Sebastien, el Marqués de la Tumbonas de Playas, Almirante de los Grandes Océanos - had employed this annoyingly exuberant French tailor six months ago to prepare the uniforms for his new regiment. The Major had expressed his doubts at the time, but the Marqués had waved them away, saying that France was the home of the finest fashions and finest army in Europe, and he was determined that his regiment should be à la mode.

The Major swallowed a sigh and with a slightly weary tone said, “Well, let me have a look at it.”

The tailor ushered up the minions and bustled them around, waving ineffectually until the Major’s papers and maps were all on the floor and his desk was covered in blue and white striped material.

“So, ai was thanking, ze Marqués, he ees in charge of ze fleet; ‘ow you say, iz ze admiral, oui? Bon. So we give ees soldiers a uniform de la mer, of the sea. Eet is blue and white, jus’ like ze ocean, non?”

The Major’s lips pursed.

“Ai see you are impressed. Oh, ai am so ‘appy! Now, ze officers must look formidable. Zey mus’ command respect. So, for zem a uniform of dark blue, avec the lace of gold.” A sketch of a coat was produced. At least I won’t look like I’m wearing a mattress cover, the major thought.

“What did Monsieur decide about the hats?” he asked. His tone was quiet now. Dangerously so.

“Ai decided on ze usual. A black ‘at, but with ribbons of bleu. Ze officers can have the poufettes and folderols of blue and yellow. A little colour, non?”

“Well, monsieur, that all seems very nice. I’ll take your designs and put them to his Excell…”

“But wait! Ai ‘ave not shown you ze best! Ma piéce de resistance! Ma triumph!” The Frenchman was almost bouncing with joy. He reached for another piece of paper, this time enclosed in a leather wallet.

“Monsieur le Maior, ai give to you, ze Grenadiers de la regiment.” He presented the paper with a flourish. The Major looked at it, his eyes widened and his jaw fell open.



“Ai knew you would like eet, Maior.”

“,,,They appear to be wearing... ships... on their heads.” The Major could hardly bring himself to say it.

“Oui. Ze grenadiers wear ze leetle sheeps, as an honour to zer colonel, ze admiral. Ai think eet will look ver’ grand, with ze ‘ulls in gold and zen ze leetle sails of whait silk. And for ze officers of ze grenadiers, ai thought ze sheeps could ‘ave leetle cannon, which can fire by pulling a leetle cord. It would be trés joli, n’est pas?”

The Major sank into his chair. My God, he wants men to go into battle in nightshirts and wearing toy boats. He’s quite mad.

What’s worse, he thought with a sense of despair, the Marqués will love it.
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Re: In the office of the Agitant of el regiment Tumbona de P

Postby The Chronicler » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:25 pm

Eeet iz a vonderfool ooniform houlalalaaaaa, a pizz de resostnce!
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Re: In the office of the Agitant of el regiment Tumbona de P

Postby Cardinal Hawkwood » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:11 pm

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Re: In the office of the Agitant of el regiment Tumbona de P

Postby Bluewillow » Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:17 pm

I approve of silly hats!!!! :D
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Re: In the office of the Agitant of el regiment Tumbona de P

Postby abdul666lw » Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:44 am

Now THAT is a grenadier hat!

She could be the noble regimental God-Mother
but unfortunately I fear she is on the large (35mm ?) size.


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Re: In the office of the Agitant of el regiment Tumbona de P

Postby The Chronicler » Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:22 am

Land HOOOooo!
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