el Gansos Salvajes

el Gansos Salvajes

Postby wardlaw » Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:36 am

May I present the regiment of Col Eustacius FitzCarlo, Titular 3rd Earl of Kerrara, Comte d’Oi, Grande d’Espagna, 2nd class.


Eustacus’ regiment served in the army of Louis XIV throughout his early campaigns, proving themselves to be successful and achieving a reputation for hard fighting. During a brief lull in hostilities, agents of the Spanish Cortes approached Eustacius, offering him and his regiment very favourable terms if they transferred their allegiance to the kingdom of Spain. Given the long tradition of Irish service within the Spanish armies, and the very lucrative contract being offered, Eustacius agreed.


The response of the Sun King to the news was one of outrage. He railed against the underhand Spaniards for ‘stealing’ his Irishmen, and said that he would dispatch his finest troops to ‘clip the wild geese’s wings’. There followed a month long pursuit across central France, as Eustacius’ regiment raced for the Pyrenees and the Spanish border, hotly pursued by French troops.

On arriving with their new employer, they were transferred to the army being formed by the Cardinale-Infante for his campaign against England, and equipped with new equipment and uniforms. Red coats were becoming the uniform colour for Irish emigrée soldiers on the continent and so these were retained, with white and green linings. The pikemen of the regiment, and sergeants, wore reversed colours, and the drummers green coats with white lace. In a final snub to their former employer, the grenadier company adopted a head dress decorated with a goose’s wing, as a reminder that the Sun King had failed to clip their wings.

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Re: el Gansos Salvajes

Postby GamesPoet » Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:08 am

Great stuff!

Love seeing those figures again.
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Re: el Gansos Salvajes

Postby Cardinal Hawkwood » Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:58 am

amazing stuff..
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