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Postby David_W » Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:54 pm


Last weekend I ventured up to Steve Hopkins' wargames bunker in Sydney to play Longstreet (LS). An a very fine Thai meal at one of the many Thai restaurants in Gladesville.

We played two games over the weekend using the LS campaign rules to manage the forces, casualty recovery etc. The Union (command by Steve) defended in the first and attacked in the second and was victorious in both games. So, whilst my first to LS games were defeats, they were both enjoyable challenging games that have left me keen to play LS again.

Reflecting on the two games my overall impression is very positive. Very positive. And while LS is clearly a development of Maurice it is a very different game with a number of the games mechanics from Maurice developed, refined and, most importantly, improved. Two aspects of the rules development that really impressed me are the card management system and army morale.

Without going into too much detail, in the first game, the Union was defending against a flanking force of Confederates. [The game comes with 11 “programmed” scenarios”. They have a nice mix of situations. Each comes with preset terrain to which the players get to add terrain pieces selected randomly from the “Terrain” cards.] There were two objective markers [These play an important role in that while they do not determine who wins per se, for each one you capture the enemy’s morale becomes more fragile. This is a very neat system]. The Union forces deployed to cover the one objective in his deployment area and rush to cover the second; isolated on his left flank, outside his deployment area. The key lesson I learnt from this first game, apart from the general mechanics, is that you need to manage the cards in your hand and your deck – I left myself high and dry without cards for a complete turn giving the Union player effectively two turns in a row. Painful...

Post the first game we went through the campaign phase. This is great fun. While a number of my units were replenished, others were stricken by disease and desertion. Fortunately, I also received some reinforcements. A number of my units were also reduced in morale [from Eager to Seasoned].

For the second game, the confederates [still me] were defending a crossroads. On the grounds that attack is the best form of defense, I attacked. The Union had been strongly reinforced with artillery and I wanted to avoid being blown away at long range. My cunning plan resulted in me being blown away at short range instead. The lessons I drew from this second game were that dismounted cavalry are tougher than I expected [based on not having properly read the rules] and that it is pretty well impossible to destroy a nearly fresh enemy unit in a single charge even when they are charged frontally and flank charged. I actually threw over the odds in the combat and the Union threw [as I recall] slightly below average, but that wasn’t enough.

Regardless of the few bumps along the way, including losing my first two games, I think LS is a great set of rules. I love the campaign system and want to try to incorporate in Maurice – must be doable, I just don’t know how…

I thoroughly recommend trying these rules. Great fun.

David W
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Re: Longstreet

Postby GamesPoet » Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:21 am

I've yet to see anything negative regarding these rules that displeases me. Haven't had the opportunity to play yet, but some one is puting together a game in early December, so hopefully. I need to paint more figures for this.
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Re: Longstreet

Postby Ashur dan » Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:49 am

Hi David

Thank you kindly for the games! The movement, shooting and combat mechanisms are quite simple but the card driven activation and modifications really make it dynamic and interesting. As you have said the post battle campaign phase is terrific and whilst the 1861 forces are identical (though not in the card compositions) they rapidly diversify and take on qualities of their own.

David failed to mention that although I did win both battles he ended up with two more 'Glory Points' than I did which put him ahead in campaign terms. Having said that my superiors did allocate more supplies for the next 1982 battle (four dummy cards for my deck). Good fun!


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Re: Longstreet

Postby Stonewall » Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:58 am

Can't wait to try these rules!
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