The Regimental Challenge Giudelines

The Regimental Challenge Giudelines

Postby The Chronicler » Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:22 am

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Regiment welcome to the ongoing 'short term' Regimental build challenge. The challenge is a short term paint and base competition of 4 weeks duration. A theme will be posted on Friday evenings and it is open to your interpretation of that theme as to what you submit as your entry.

There will be a number of parameters that determine the size of the entries and maximum numbers of figures etc allowed for the theme of the month, these will be made clear at the announcement of the theme.

I repeat, the theme is designed to be open to interpretation by members to minimise specialty figure purchase and maximise creativity. Please bare in mind though that drawing a long creativity bow sometimes results in being hit in the face by two pieces of beautifully curved wood. Please do try to keep some connection with the theme

Notification of closing time of the challenge will be given with the theme

To enter the challenge you must be a member of the regiment in good standing.

To submit your entry you post a photo of no more than 600 x 800 pixels of your build, and yes the photo may be a montage, no more than two photo's per entry. Please remember size and number restrictions, lets not become a rabble of riff raff (Welease Wodger). Please note that "Photo Bucket" and others have the tools to allow you to collage/montage your photo's, I can provide a how to if it is needed.

To vote you must be a member of the Regiment in good standing, each member gets two votes. Why two votes, to encourage participation irrespective of painting prowess. This is not a winner takes all art prize, it should be viewed in a commraderly light, we dont want young Lord whats'is name over there playing Johnny Turk and stealing a march on us while we hold our votes.

At the conclusion of the voting period the votes will counted, winners announced, decoration awarded and a rousing "hooorah" given followed by port and brandy on the balcony.

During the refreshments the tail end Charlie of the preceding challenge will select the theme for the next challenge from the list provided below. He or she will also set the theme parameters of No of fig's, vehicles or not, base size. (theme must always include 1 figure be it either orarganic or no)

Theme list - hidden, lucky, what a big weapon, blue, thunder, guard, spear point, the big chill, Emporer, colony, all aboard, tri-colour This list will be added to at selected intervals

No dissent will be brooked during the challenge, however a feedback period will be held on completion of voting at which point you may air your thoughts, briefly.

Good natured banter and criticism is encourage in trying to put a chap or gel of their game

Bribes are an option if of sufficient value, no animals or offspring please.

Please standby for the Regimental build Challenge, warm your brushes, shake your paints and change your cleaning water/turps.

Good hunting chaps!

Understanding the guidlines

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Regiment please bear with me. I believe selecting a theme from the list and allowing the allotting of numbers, base size and vehicles or no gives the "theme proposer chappy" more than enough flexibility to choose something to suit their liking and give them an edge. Period and arm type must be left open to interpretation this allows for the maximum creativity of members entering and to utilize the figures/vehicles they have on hand, which I think is very fair.

For instance one may choose "thunder" from the theme list with the idea of thundering hooves which might suit a cavalry build idea. Of course another cap might think artillery and have a 155mm howitzer and crew on hand, interpretation is the key here! Remember the challenge is designed to be a quick, all Regimental Challenge builds are based on a 4 week turn around, and fun of participation the key.
The Chronicler

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