MOAB '14 Impetus Comp

MOAB '14 Impetus Comp

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MOAB ’14 Sydney

4th to 5th Oct 2014
Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club
Box Road, Sylvania. NSW 2224. Australia.

Enter at MOAB site

Open Tournament
Impetus 350pts 28mm 2 Day Competition.
4 games in total- 2 games each day.
First game 9am-12pm
Second game 1pm-4pm

Armies & Army Lists

Ancients and Medieval ( no restrictions )

Lists should be taken from either the Impetus main rulebook, or any published Extra Impetus supplements. Beta lists are also acceptable.

Armies should be 350 points, with a minimum of 2 Commands. The largest Command must not exceed 60% of VDT limit.

Armies must have a camp unless not required by the list.

Cowardly generals are not allowed.

Halve minimums and maximums in army lists.

Exploration points will be used for deployment.

Rolls of Destiny will be allowed ( up to 3 )

Advanced Impetus & Tournament rules will be used

link here ... ng2014.pdf

The Battlefield

Terrain will be deployed as per the competition rules, terrain will be supplied however feel free to bring your own.

Game Scoring
We will be using the official Impetus competition scoring system.

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